Starting a Household Notebook

Selling your house really forces you to look at all the “stuff” in your life and start reviewing it. While I’ve been going through my house I’ve found all kinds of old “stuff” that we no longer need or use. That stuff is all moving on to new homes. I’m also amazed at the number of unfinished projects I’ve been finding. One of those projects is my Household Notebook. I have been saying for several years now that I’m going to get my household notebook in order. Yet it never seems to happen. I think this is because the task seems so overwhelming. When I sit down and look at the list of information that I need to gather I get overwhelmed and the project quickly drops.

While cleaning this week I came across the Household Notebook that I started back in 2005. Yeah, four years ago. And I know when I started because of the dates on several of the papers inside. In some ways it was a blast from the past looking through this notebook. There was contact information in there for doctors I no longer see, an old goals list, account information for accounts I no longer have and so forth.

So this week I cleaned out my notebook in preparation for really putting together a household notebook. I know, I know, this didn’t work for me in the past, so why do I think it will work now? Well, this time I’ve decided that I’m going to make my household notebook a combination of an actual physical notebook and my iPhone. I’m already storing a lot of information in my iPhone so I might as well make as much use of it as I can. But I do feel that the actual notebook is necessary for certain items too.

This week I’m preparing myself to take the baby steps necessary to finally create my household notebook. For the first step I cleaned out my old notebook. All of the outdated information got thrown away. Any old information which I think will be useful for my new notebook is still in there. As I get to the appropriate sections I will update that information as necessary.

I’ve also put together the list of sections that I want to create in my notebook. Since every family is different, the sections that I have may not be appropriate for you. To get an idea of some of the common sections for household notebooks, you can get a summary here. The sections that I plan to stick with are:

Now you can probably see why this task seems so overwhelming to me. My plan right now is to tackle one section a week until this is done. Some of the more involved sections might take a little longer, but that is my general plan. Each week I will post to update everyone with how I am doing and which section I tackled. Why not join me? Having a Household Notebook is a great idea for keeping your family organized.

Your Assignment: For those of you that wish to join me in creating a Household Notebook, your assignment for this week is to find a notebook to use. I personally prefer a 3 ring biner with an inside pocket that zippers. Check around your house first, but if you can’t find one there you should be able to pick up something you can use at one of the many back to school sales going on now. Next week I will add a linky so that everyone who is following along can link up and share their progress.

For more Tackle It Tuesday, head over to 5 Minutes For Mom. And don’t forget to come back next Tuesday to check my progress.

12 thoughts on “Starting a Household Notebook

  1. This is a great idea and would work for us since my husband has no idea where I keep certain things. Bonus you can take it with you wherever you go. I may have to join you as well but I will definetly need to purchase something. Bookmarking your site now.

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