Why Do I Journal?


Since I’m asking about personal journals on today’s Aloha Friday post, I figured I would give a little bit of information on why I choose to keep a personal journal.

I have been keeping a personal journal since I was in college. That was quite a few years ago now and I’m still keeping one today. I do want to make it clear that I am talking about a personal written journal here and not a blog. I love my blog and enjoy writing here, but there are some things that you just can’t say publicly. Those are the things that go in my journal.

There are so many benefits to keeping a journal. The biggest benefit I have found though is that it allows me to work out various issues in my head. In a way, it’s like talking to a good friend about something. Sometimes you just need to get the issue out there and once you start talking about it you get the solution worked out as well.

Journals are also great for recording memories. Occasionally I will go back and look at some of my old journals. It always amazes me how many things I have forgotten since I wrote that entry. Sadly, I wasn’t very good about keeping a journal immediately after my daughter was born so I’ve lost a lot of those memories. If we ever have another child I plan to try to do better with this.

My journal is my outlet where I can say whatever I want to and not have to worry about anyone getting mad at me. It really does help to keep me sane and happy.

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