Household Notebook – Calendar and Schedules

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If you’ve been following along with my Household Notebook series, by this point your notebook should be filling in nicely. There is still plenty more information to be added, but progress is definitely being made.

This week I’m going to talk about Calendars and Schedules. This is a very important section because it is the key to keeping your time organized.

Here are some items that I keep in my Calendars and Schedules section:

  • My personal calendar
  • Calendar from any clubs and activies family members participate in
  • Calendars for each family member (these can all be on one calendar)
  • Birthday list
  • Calendar of Events from any local attractions your family is interested in

For our own ease of use, hubby and I use Google Calendar. I love it because we can see each other’s schedules and even update them if necessary. I also have my Google Calendar sync with my iPhone. You can see my previous post about that here. It is very convenient having complete access to my calendar from anywhere.

On my calendar I also block off time for various tasks. If you looked at my calendar you would see that it is almost completely booked during the week. I like to block off certain times for various tasks and use that as a guideline for going through my day. Since I’ve started doing this my stress level has dropped significantly. One of the recurring tasks I have set up is a nightly family dinner. I use this task as a reminder of what meal I’ve planned and a trigger to remind me to take the necessary items out of the freezer in the morning. You can read more about that here. I’ve found the reminder feature in Google Calendar to be very helpful.

It’s nice to have a Birthday List in date order of all your friends and family. I also have recurring events setup in my calendar for each person’s birthday. Then, a week before their birthday Google Calendar sends me an email reminder. That way I have time to pickup anything I need prior to their actual birthday (gift, card, etc).

I just wanted to note that I realize this post is later than I originally said it would be. Things have gotten a little hectic with our upcoming move so I had to scale back my blogging a bit. Since I expect them to stay pretty busy for the next few weeks I won’t be posting my next Household Notebook post until October 13th. Please come back then and join me for the Budgeting portion of our Household Notebook.

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