Getting the Household Notebook Back on Track

Way back in August of last year I started posting about my Household Notebook and how I was getting it organized. Between our move and a rather miserable first trimester my progress on my household notebook stopped. Now that I have been feeling a lot better and we’re fairly settled into the new home I’ve decided to get back on track with our household notebook. I really feel that this is an important tool for us and I want to get it together.

A lot of the information for my household notebook is maintained in my iPhone, but I do also keep an actual notebook full of information too. I love keeping certain information on my iPhone because it is always at my fingertips, but the household notebook is not just for my reference. That means that there are pieces of information that need to be maintained in an actual physical notebook. The idea behind this is that if we ever needed to evacuate for some reason, we could grab the notebook as we head out the door and have all of our important information with us. It’s also a reference for my husband in case something ever happened to me. Since I handle a lot of the daily details of running the house and the finances he would be lost if he had to suddenly handle these details and I wasn’t around or was unable to pass these details on to him.

You can look back at my original household notebook post to see the topics that I have already covered. I may even go over some of those topics again if I have something new and worthwhile to say on them. Otherwise I will try to stick with covering new information. This week I’m going to work on my Goals and To-Dos because this is a timely topic for me. To see how I handle tracking my goals and to-do’s come back next Friday. Every Friday I will have a new household notebook post and let you know which topic I will be covering the following week. If you have a topic you would like to see covered, let me know.

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