Tracking Your To Do List

This morning I’m going to talk a little bit about my To Do list and how I handle it. Back in August I posted about how I use the Toodledo app on my iPhone in conjunction with their free website to keep track of my to do list. This method is still working for me and I love it. Personally, I love the convenience of being able to access and update my to do list either from a computer with internet access or from my iPhone.

Now I know that not everyone out there has an iPhone so I wanted to share a few other options with you. If you still like Toodledo, you could always keep your list online and then print it off daily. This method would work with any of the free online to do list applications too.

The method that I used prior to switching over to the iPhone was to keep a small to do notebook. This was a small notebook where I had a page for each day. I would write all of my to dos on the appropriate page and cross them off as I completed them. When necessary I would rewrite items onto the next day. This method is definitely old school, but it does work. The biggest thing is that you have to carry the notebook with you so that you can refer to it so I would suggest a pocket size notebook.

How do you keep track of your To Do list?

Come back later this afternoon to see more about how I track goals for my Household Notebook.

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