Household Notebook Update

It’s been awhile since I posted about my household notebook so I wanted to give everyone an update. Right now I’m working on getting as much of my household data stored electronically as I possibly can. The amount of paper piling up in my house is ridiculous and it needs to stop. So I figure if I can eliminate as much of the regular household paper as possible it will help. Between my iPhone and my laptop I should be able to store most of the information I need and have it easily accessible. At this point I would love to be able to eliminate my paper based household notebook completely, but I’m not sure if that is entirely possible. In future posts I will be covering exactly how I’m eliminating paper and getting organized. I suspect it will be an interesting journey and not every idea will work out well, but I’m still excited to be on this path.

I’m curious; do you maintain a household notebook? If so, do you keep it in paper or electronic form, or maybe a combination of both?

You can check out all of my previous posts relating to my Household Notebook here.

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