Tea Review: Bigelow Toasted Coconut Almond Bark Black Tea

During a recent grocery shopping trip I came across the Bigelow Toasted Coconut Almond Bark tea. The tea sounded really good and made me think of Caramel deLites. What can I say, it’s Girl Scout cookie season here right now. So I decided to pick up a box and try it.

Hot Tea – As a hot tea I really enjoyed this tea. I did add some coconut creamer to it for that extra coconut flavor. It was absolutely delicious and will become part of my regular rotation of morning hot teas. I also think it would be very good with a caramel creamer. This method would most likely give you a taste similar to a samoa Girl Scout cookie.

Iced Tea – Another delicious iced tea. I used 2 tea bags to make 1 pint of sweet tea. This made the tea a bit strong so I added coconut milk for an iced tea latte. It made a delicious refreshing drink that I will definitely make again. I think I would like to add some boba to it next time though.

All in all i loved this tea. It was a medium strength black tea with a lovely toasted coconut flavor. I enjoyed it both hot and iced and will most likely be purchasing it again.


Iced Tea Review Bigelow Toasted Coconut Almond Bark Tea #teareview #icedtea #coconut #sweettea

♬ Morning – Liqwyd

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