Girl Scout Cookie Cocktails: Lemonades Cocktail

Lemonades are one of my favorite Girl Scout cookies. I just really enjoy lemon because it reminds me of laid back summer days. This made it hard for me to settle on just one Lemonade worthy cocktail so I decided to try 4 different cocktails and see which one best matched the Lemonades cookies.

Lemonades Cookie Cocktail 1

Lemonades Cookie Cocktail 1:

For cocktail option 1 I did a simple mix of RumChata and Limoncello. It was a good cocktail, but the RumChata spices were very prominent so it did not really taste like the Lemonade cookie.

Lemonades Cookie Cocktail 2

Lemonades Cookie Cocktail 2:

This cocktail is more of a traditional Lemondrop cocktail. It contains lemon juice, vodka, Cointreau and simple syrup. It was absolutely delicious and very lemony. I loved this cocktail, but it was not like the Lemonade cookie because it was all lemon flavor and no shortbread notes to it.

Lemonades Cookie Cocktail 3

Lemonades Cookie Cocktail 3:

The third Lemonade cookie cocktail option I had used the Tazo Iced Lemon Loaf tea, limoncello and amaretto cream. This cocktail was delicious and absolutely reminded me of the Lemonade Girl Scout Cookie. The version I made had a subtle lemon flavor that matched the cookie very well. However when I make this in the future I will definitely use more limoncello because I personally like more lemon flavor in my drinks.

Lemonades Cookie Cocktail 4

Lemonades Cookie Cocktail 4:

For my final Lemonades cookie cocktail option I did a simple mixer of amaretto cream and Italian lemon soda. While this mix was delicious the lemon in the soda curdled the cream in the amaretto cream which made for a chunky drink. When I try this drink again I will use regular amaretto instead of amaretto cream to avoid the chunks.

Lemonades Cookie Cocktails

Here are all the cocktails lined up together. You can see the curdling on the 4th cocktail. Otherwise all the cocktails were pretty normal looking. The best match for the Lemonade cookie is Cocktail 3. It was delicious and definitely something that I will be having again.

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