White Christmas Mojito

White Christmas Mojito

For day 3 of my 25 days of holiday cocktails I started with the White Christmas Mojito. This drink was not quite what I expected. From the recipe I expected a minty, coconut flavored cocktail. While the resulting cocktail definitely had both of those flavors, it wasn’t quite as coconut flavored as I personally would have liked. If I make this cocktail again I will definitely be making some adjustments to the recipe. Overall I would rate this recipe as a 7/10. It just needs a little tweaking to be something that I will fully enjoy.

White Christmas Mojito Recipe

Juice of one lime
1 Tbsp of sugar
6-8 mint leaves
1 oz white rum
2 oz coconut rum
1/4 cup coconut milk

In shaker add lime juice, sugar and mint leaves. Muddle and then add ice. Add both rums and coconut milk. Shake for 8-10 seconds and then double strain into cocktail glass. Enjoy!

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