Tea Subscription Boxes

I have a serious love of tea. It’s even been said that my blood type is tea. So it should come as no surprise that I have a rather large collection of teas. I absolutely love trying out new teas and adding to my collection. Since I drink several glasses of tea a day it definitely helps to have a nice variety of teas to choose from. One fun way to add to my collection is with tea subscriptions. I have found they are a great way to try new teas without committing to a large quantity of any one variety. I really look forward to my monthly tea boxes.

Here are the tea boxes that I am currently subscribed to:

  • Dollar Tea Club:
    $5.50 a month for 3 samples ($1.00 plus $4.50 shipping)
    Sign up here with referral code REFPG465HBUYS for $1 off your first order
    You can also choose to add on items like disposable tea filters, specific tea samples and honey sticks for an additional charge. If there is a tea you love, you can also subscribe to specific teas and have them delivered each month in addition to your samples.
  • SipsBy
    $16.00 a month with free shipping for 4 tea samples
    Sign up here for $5 off your first month
    This box is my favorite because it is customized to your tastes based on a quiz of your flavor preferences and your ratings of your tea samples each month. They offer samples from a variety of brands and also offer several different themed boxes throughout the year that you can purchase individually. Many of the samples include discount codes for you to purchase larger quantities of them. I have found a few new teas that I absolutely love with this subscription and even tried teas from brands I had never heard of until I received them in my box.
  • Simple Loose Leaf
    $12 – $18 a month
    Sign up here
    For this box you choose between 2, 3, or 4 tea samples each month and you also choose between green, black, herbal or variety tea boxes. Your first tea box also includes 4 reusable cotton tea filters. Their first box seems to be a standard box of some of their more popular teas. To date that is the only box I have received as I just signed up for this subscription this month.

If you’re looking to see what exactly is included in there subscription boxes, I am starting to post videos of my unboxings on my You Tube channel.

Please leave a comment if there are any other tea subscription boxes that you would recommend or that you have heard great things about. Not that I need more tea, but I am always looking to try out new teas.

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