SipsBy Pumpkin Tea Collection

By now I think we all know how much I love pumpkin tea. So it’s no surprise that I purchased the pumpkin tea collection from SipsBy. Sadly the collection is already sold out, but you can still purchase some of the tea individually if you are interested. The collection was $35 plus shipping and included four different pumpkin teas. Here are the teas that were included:

  • Davidson’s Organic Teas Pumpkin Spice – 8 tea bags
    This tea was good, but it took 3 tea bags to get a strong enough tea for me in my 20 oz. cup. For the price I can do better so I will not be purchasing this one.
  • Churchill’s Fine Teas Pumpkin Spiced Chai – 2 oz. loose leaf
    This is a black tea that tasted just fine. I will finish this tea, but I won’t be purchasing any more because there are other pumpkin teas that I prefer. Plus I honestly have more than enough pumpkin tea at this point.
  • Rocky Mountain SereniTEA Pumpkin Pie – 2.6 oz loose leaf
    This tea was absolutely delicious. I thought it tasted like pumpkin cheesecake and I have already ordered 2 more bags of this amazing tea.
  • August Uncommon Psychocandy – 50 g loose leaf
    This tea was my favorite of the whole collection. It was delicious and I immediately ordered a tin of it for myself and a sample to share with my brother. So delicious.

Below you can watch my unboxing of this collection and hear a quick review of what I thought of the various teas. I will have more detailed reviews of my favorite teas from this collection coming up soon.

5 thoughts on “SipsBy Pumpkin Tea Collection

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of tea from one order. Do enjoy each of them, in your own time. This post reminded me of my yet -to-be-opened box of Sweet Harvest Pumpkin by Celestial Seasonings, I purchase last summer. Oh well, something to enjoy one fine day. Good of you to share of this box with us tea folks. Thank you and good day.

    1. Thanks. I tried the Sweet Harvest Pumpkin last year. I would love it if it didn’t have stevia in it. I just don’t like the taste of stevia and I don’t understand why tea companies add it to some of their teas. Let us all sweeten how we like.

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