Pink Lemonade Tea – Dollar Tea Club Review

This summer I wound up getting a little behind on trying my Dollar Tea Club teas. I finally decided to try one that has been sitting in the cabinet for awhile. It’s the Pink Lemonade tea.

Tea: Pink Lemonade from Dollar Tea Club

Ingredients: Apple, hibiscus & cornflower petals, rosehip & raspberry pieces, lemon peel, strawberry leaves, camomile, natural flavors (organic compliant).

Type: Fruit tea

Pros: Light, fruity tea for cool summer drinks.

Cons: Not very strong

Overall: This tea was just ok to me. It did smell like pink lemonade and even tasted like watered down pink lemonade. I think I should have made a smaller batch of tea with the amount of product I had to work with. I used the whole 8 gram sample to make half a gallon of iced tea. It would have been better to make a quart. For me, I think it’s just easier to buy pink lemonade on the rare occasion that I want one than to keep this tea on hand. At this point I have no plans to purchase any further quantities of this tea.

Rating: 4/10

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