SipsBy Magic Tea Box

Fall is my favorite season and I love that Sips By is getting in to the Halloween spirit with their Magic themed tea box. When I told my daughter about their Magic Tea Box with it’s color changing tea and the sparkling glitter teas, she begged me to get it. Obviously I did get it and we had fun trying out these new teas. We even had different favorites from this collection.

Here are the teas included and some notes on each one. I will have a full review up on each one of these this week.

  • Faerie by The Witchwood Tea House
    This is the color changing tea although I did not managed to get it to change colors for me. It tasted mildly of mint and was fine, but nothing special in my opinion.
  • 5th Dimension by The Balanced Buddha Co.
    This tea was way too herbal for my tastes and I wound up dumping it out and getting rid of the rest of it. I am not a fan at all. When I just looked up this tea box on Sips By I noticed that this tea isn’t even included in the collection anymore so I’m guessing I’m not the only one who wasn’t a fan.
  • Glimmering Dusk by Magic Moon
    This tea is a caramel flavored black tea with gold glimmer and was my favorite of the batch.
  • Enchanted Forest by Tea Goblin
    This is a fall flavored herbal tea with apples and hazelnut brittle along with other fall ingredients and gold glitter. It was the favorite of my daughter.

You can watch my unboxing and hear my quick reviews of these teas below:

3 thoughts on “SipsBy Magic Tea Box

    1. Thanks. I love them because they make it so easy to try teas from different companies without purchasing a large quantity of tea.

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