Enchanted Forest Tea – Tea Goblin Review

My Sips By Magic Tea box included the Enchanted Forest tea by Tea Goblin. This tea was my daughter’s favorite from this box.

Tea: Enchanted Forest Tea by Tea Goblin

Ingredients: apple, carob, caramel bits, edible gold coloring, hazelnut brittle, coconut, almond, macadamia nut, white cocoa butter, chicory root, flavoring; caffeine free

Type: Herbal Dessert Tea

Pros: This is a delicious caffeine free tea that is a fun way to have a dessert if you want to save yourself some calories instead of actually eating dessert.

Cons: Some people may not like the gold glitter. There are also allergens of dairy, coconut and nuts.

Overall: Enchanted Forest is a delicious caffeine free tea. The edible gold glitter is a fun addition. The tea itself is sweet so you really don’t need to add much, if any, sweetener. The flavor is a mild caramel and nutty flavor which I personally find delicious. For me, this is a fun way to replace dessert some evenings. We have already used all of our sample packet and my daughter has requested that I buy more.

Rating: 9/10

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glitter in the Enchanted Forest tea

3 thoughts on “Enchanted Forest Tea – Tea Goblin Review

  1. tea has a lovely color and you’re right about not needing the glitter; it does make one think of a ‘margarita’ drink otherwise.
    on another note; feels like being tracked down or such but I tend to imagine of things. Stalker like; again what I say make not sense. Good day!
    on yet another review mention of ‘stevia’ I don’t like it either. Some teas in cupboard are for my husband to drink since he does not mind ‘stevia’. Teas should be sweetened by the tea drinker. Enough said.

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