Rocky Mountain SereniTEA

One of the teas that I loved in the Sips By Pumpkin Tea collection was the Pumpkin Pie tea by Rocky Mountain SereniTEA. To me it tastes like pumpkin cheesecake. You can read my full review on that tea here. The Pumpkin Pie tea was so good that I wound up placing an order from Rocky Mountain SereniTEA to get some more and try a few more of their teas. Here are the teas that I wound up getting:

  • Pumpkin Pie – I picked up 2 more bags of this one. One for myself and one for my mother.
  • Pumpkin Spice – A seasonal black tea
  • Maroonbells Lady Grey – A creamy Earl Grey with green tea ad=nd jasmine flower.
  • Cherry Almond – A flavored black tea.
  • Cucumber Melon – This one I picked up for my father.
  • Peach Green Tea – This was a sample included with the order.
  • Apple Spice Black Tea – This was a second sample included with the order. Since I’m not a fan of apple beverages I will pass this on to a friend.

I’m excited to try these new teas. They have more that look really good to me so if I enjoy these anywhere near as much as I enjoyed the Pumpkin Pie tea, I will definitely be ordering more.

I will be posting reviews of these teas in the coming weeks. I have a bit of a backlog of teas to write reviews on. Thankfully I love trying new teas.

You can check out all of my tea reviews here.

You can watch my unboxing of my Rocky Mountain SereniTEA order below:

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