Review: Psychocandy Tea by August Uncommon

If you’ve seen any of my pumpkin tea war videos you may have notices that I have a lot of pumpkin teas. But Psychocandy by August Uncommon Teas is currently my favorite of all my pumpkin teas. This tea is absolutely delicious. It even won the Pumpkin Tea Wars. I was introduced to this tea in the Sips By Pumpkin Tea Collection that I purchased last month. I have no regrets about that purchase. I love Sips By for the ability to try new teas without committing to a full size package.

Tea: Psychocandy by August Uncommon

Source: Sips By Pumpkin Tea Collection

Type: Rooibos

Ingredients: South African rooibos, dried pumpkin, Turkish apple, caramel, sweet blackberry leaf, Madagascar vanilla, flavoring

Cons: This brand is not available locally so I have to order online.

Pros: This tea is fall in a cup and has not once been sold out when I have gone to purchase it. They even had a QR code on their package that you can scan to order more.

Overall: The packaging describes this tea as tasting like baked pumpkin, salted butter caramel and golden syrup while feeling like a brisk walk under a Harvest moon. I honestly don’t feel like I can describe it any better than that. So if that sounds like something you’d enjoy, go get yourself some.

Rating: 10/10 This is fall in a cup!

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You can see the finale of our Pumpkin Tea Wars where I selected this tea as my winner here:

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