August Uncommon Tea

When I purchased the Pumpkin Tea Collection box from Sips By, I wound up falling in love with the Psychocandy tea. When I went to their website to order a tin of Psychocandy, I saw that they also sold a sampler box of their top 10 teas. I wound up ordering that as well so that I could try out some more of their teas. Here is a list of the teas included in the package:

  • Low Country – strong black tea with bourbon and burnt sugar notes
  • Passage – rich black tea with hazelnut and chocolate
  • Combray – creamy organic green tea with vanilla and cardamom
  • Biarritz – velvety rooibos with amaretto and orange blossom
  • Jet Black – rich black tea with roasted mate and espresso bean
  • Dark Iris – rich oolong with peach, pistachio and lime
  • Metropolitan – vibrant black tea with bergamot, plum and clove
  • Psychocandy – darkly sweet rooibos with pumpkin and caramel
  • Know By Heart – white tea with orange blossom almond and honey
  • Black Metallic – floral black tea with violet and elderberry notes

I wound up giving the Jet Black sample to a friend of mine because I do not like the taste of coffee so I know that this one is not going to be my taste. Then I gave the Psychocandy sample to my brother since I purchased a in of it and thought that he would enjoy that one as well.

I am actually very excited to try out these teas. Reviews will be coming as I try them out. As add reviews I will add links to this page. If there is one that you are interested in seeing that is not linked, please let me know and I will add that one to the top of my list.

You can check out all of my tea unboxings here. I have been buying way too much tea lately. But Fall is my favorite season and I love the fall teas.

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