Wicked Tea Collection by Adagio Teas

The Wicked Tea collection is a fun Halloween themed tea collection put out by Adagio Teas. I ordered these because of the fun tins. These teas are only available in October so if you want some, you need to order now. This was my first order from Adagio teas and I enjoyed the teas. They also had fast shipping which makes me happy. I will definitely be ordering from them again.

My teas listed from favorite to least favorite:

  • Monster Mash – Caramel and cream teas, candy eye balls, sprinkles
  • Ghoul Gulp – Decaf vanilla tea, coconut, sprinkles (caffeine free)
  • Pumpkin Potion – Honeybush pumpkin chai, cocoa, sprinkles
  • Cat Scratch – Tiger eye tea, cinnamon, sprinkles
  • Bat Brew – Chocolate chai, chocolate, sprinkles
  • Candy Apple Concoction – Candy apple tea, vanilla tea, apple pieces, red sugar crystals

You can watch my full review and see the teas in my video below.

5 thoughts on “Wicked Tea Collection by Adagio Teas

      1. Okay, I wondered is all. I thought you were making fun of me as folks do this to me because I am shame person. I don’t do U-tube and certainly not tik tok; sounds like fly or such term. None sees humor in what I say. Stay safe and happy holidays to you and yours/children included etc. Just be well and kind.

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