Adagio CommuniTEA Oct 24-26, 2021

When I received my order of the Adagio Wicked Teas, included in my box was a sampler of the teas from the October CommuniTEA samples. Since this was my first order from Adagio I actually hadn’t heard of their CommuniTEA before so I was excited to learn about it. The box I received had 7 tea samples which were the samples for the week of October 24, 2021.

For those that aren’t aware of the Adagio CommuniTEA box, it is a sample box of assorted Adagio teas. There is one sample tea for each day of the month and the samples contain a mix of straight Adagio teas and blends from their custom blends uploaded by customers. I personally love that it contains a mixture of both. The idea of the CommuniTEA is that everyone participating tastes the designated tea on the specified tea and shares their thoughts on it to help build community.

While I absolutely love the idea of sharing a specific tea on a specific day in their community, it just has not been working for me. My schedule is crazy and I have a hard time being able to consume the given tea on the given day. That said, I do enjoy trying the various teas and sharing my thoughts on them so my hope is to be able to share those thoughts here. I have already purchased the November box and I’m excited to try them, even if it isn’t on the assigned day.

The Adagio CommuniTea box is $19 and can be purchased on their website here. At this point you can purchase the December box. I’m not sure if I will purchase the December box because I already have advent calendars, but I am considering it. However I will be posting my thoughts on the November teas.

The sample teas the I have tried from the October 24th sample week box are:

  • Spiced Mate – This is a Brazilian toasted mate with spices and citrus peels. This tea was not something that I enjoyed and I wound up dumping it out. It was my first time trying a mate and I was not a fan.
  • Sally – This tea is a blend described as a traditional yet mellow Earl Grey Lavender with the sweetness of blackberries and smooth cream. I really enjoyed this tea and I am tempted to purchase some more of it. The only thing holding me back is the sheer quantity of tea I already have that I still need to try.
  • Candy Apple – This is a Sri Lanka black rea with caramel and apple pieces. I personally do not like apple drinks so I am passing this one on to a friend who does enjoy them. I also previously tried the Candy Apple Concoction tea from their Wicked Collection which uses this tea as a base and just did not care for it because of the appled.

The teas that I still need to try are:

  • For Good – A blend of white pear and aniseed
  • Honeybush Chocolate
  • Maple Creme Oolong
  • Green Potion – A blend of mild citrus and mint green, mild green earl grey with blueberry and green roobios.

4 thoughts on “Adagio CommuniTEA Oct 24-26, 2021

  1. Good luck with this new box of teas; sounds good so far. Otherwise, I am having plumbing issues with condo owner who deals with only my husband and they were here and nothing got done; he was disappointed that my husband did not take day off to see him or such reconnoiter…his name ends in la; so he must like males. Or I am wrong and out of line/place, not a place for this. I am annoying. sorry.

    1. Oh no. Plumbing issues are not fun. We had issues a couple weeks ago and it took 2 plumbers and 4 visits to get our water pressure back. Good luck and I hope they take care of it soon for you

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