Catching Up

After a much needed break from blogging, I’m finally back. Even though I wasn’t posting here on the blog, I was still actively posting on YouTube and TikTok. During December I somehow managed to keep up with 3 tea advent calendars. They were from SipsBy, T2 and Vahdam. It was interesting tasting so many new teas throughout the month. During this process I discovered that there were only 3 teas from the T2 collection that I really enjoyed. For Vahdam I enjoyed pretty much all of their chais, but not the turmeric based teas. Those are being passed on to my mother. SipsBy was a large selection of teas from all kinds of different brands. That one was fun and had some teas that I loved and some that I definitely did not. All in all, I can see me doing the SipsBy advent again, but not the T2 or Vahdam. I would definitely try a chai sampler from Vahdam though if they had some new chai teas or ones that I haven’t tried yet. You can check out my daily vlogs on the advent teas over on YouTube.

During the month of January I am reading through the book The United States of Cocktails by Brian Bartels. At the end of the month I will do a post with my final review of the book. For now, I have been enjoying making several of the cocktails from the book and learning some cocktail related facts about each state. You can check out my videos on the Ward Eight Cocktail and the Jack Rose Cocktail on YouTube. There will be a couple more videos this month related to the book before my final review at the end of January.

For Christmas this year I received a sampler of Twinings teas and decided to review them on my channel as well. You can check out my video reviews on You Tube as well (round 1, round 2, and round 3). I will say that overall I was not very impressed with the Twinings teas. At least not from their tea bags. I do plan to do some more reviews of teas available at the grocery store soon. I know that not everyone likes to order their teas, some people stick with what they can buy in the store locally.

Also coming up in January, I will have an Earl Grey tea showdown. This will be a video series that last for a couple days and on the last day I will post the results here on the blog and also on video. I think it will be a fun way to try out a bunch of Earl Grey teas. Earl Grey is one of my favorite tea flavors so I am pretty excited about trying a bunch of them side by side.

In the last two months I have also tried out a bunch of new cocktails. You can check out videos of those by following the links. They are:
Cherry Bounce
Mint Julep
Pink Honey Martini
Creamy Crispy Crunch Hot Toddy
Pama Margarita
Summer Fields
Tiki Sour
Orange Whip

So what can you expect her going forward?
Right now I’m planning to do a monthly book review of a book related to drinks. For January it’s The United States of Cocktails. I will announce February’s book later this month. I am also planning to post twice a week, once with tea related content and a review of the teas I have tried that week and once with cocktail related content and a review of the cocktails I have tried that week. I’m looking forward to getting back to regular posting here.

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