About Holly

Hi! I’m Holly. I started Never Quite Perfect to share some of the awesome drinks that I have found. I am always searching for a new, better drink. My favorite drinks are tea based drinks and cocktails. Sometimes I even combine them to create tea based cocktails.

I have been a tea lover since childhood and have always enjoyed searching out new teas to try. There is always a gallon of sweet tea in my fridge and I start almost every day with a mug of hot tea. My tea collection is rather extensive although I tend to gravitate back towards a few favorites. And that still doesn’t stop me from searching out new teas to try.

In 2019 I started exploring creating my own cocktails. I enjoy hosting cocktail parties for friends in my home to share my creations, but Covid put a stop to those parties for now. So instead I have started haring my creations online. You can find me online on TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. The links for all these accounts are below.

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